Meet Jeff: Our Newest Lawn Care Technician

At Landscaping By J. Michael, we are grateful to have Jeff on board, right in time for the fall season! After witnessing Jeff lead the crews and hearing him advise customers, we thought it would be neat to share his passion for the Green Industry with a larger audience. We asked Jeff a few questions, and here’s what he had to say:

What is your favorite time of year to work in the landscape industry?
Fall is great season for landscapers because we are so busy. One of the best aspects of my job is being able to implement what I’ve learned in order to help people preserve the gardens and plants they love so much.

Why is fall such a busy season in the landscaping industry?
We need to prepare lawns and greenery to become dormant for the cold winter months, so that they can be healthy and successful come spring. Landscaping companies receive a bunch of calls for aeration and slice seeding around this time, because it’s such a popular service for the fall, but my customers don’t always realize some of the other services their lawns will need to survive a Massachusetts winter.

Our subscribers are interested in maintaining their landscape, so we have to ask, what are some other fall services that are helpful for a lawn?
It can be difficult for homeowners to know the best time to fertilize their lawns, because the best timing will differ from property to property, depending on various factors. But we do recommend a final fertilizer application, which will should be done sometime in November around here.

What attracted you to landscaping?
It’s an awesome feeling of fulfillment to combine the physical hard work, with the techniques I’ve learned, and to witness those two elements result in something beautiful. Maintaining a landscape and lawn is a lot of hard work, and we implement techniques based on the specifics of each property. It’s enjoyable to witness customers’ satisfaction when they’re pleased with our work. Most homeowners understand how much goes into maintaining a landscape, so they’re really appreciative of what we do.

What keeps you excited about your work?
Sometimes, a homeowner has tried everything they can think of to restore a part of their landscape that has declined. And of course, when you’ve been caring for something for a while, you become attached. I still love when I can introduce a technique a homeowner hasn’t heard of, and bring their plant, tree, or greenery back to life.

Can you think of an example of this?
I recently talked to a customer who was worried about an ornamental tree that he had planted several years ago. It seemed he was doing everything right but the tree looked as if it was declining. Trees have large, deeper rooted systems, so in some situations, nutrients from fertilization is not mobile enough to reach those root systems. I recommended deep-root feeding, and was able to actually inject liquid fertilizer into the root zone of the tree, in order to enhance its health and development.

If you have a question for Jeff, or any of our team here at LJM, please feel free to call the office at 781.834.5700. We look forward to helping you prepare your lawn or landscape for the cold winter months.